The Subtitling Academy

Welcome to The Subtitling Academy.

“Really? You need to
learn how to subtitle?”
“Is there a
course for even something like subtitling?”
The world asks. 

Henrik Gottlieb, a University of Copenhagen professor and researcher on subtitling replies,
“Apart from being an excellent translator of foreign-language lines, a good subtitler needs the musical ears of an interpreter, the no-nonsense judgment of a news editor, and a designer's sense of aesthetics. In addition, as most subtitlers do the electronic time-cueing themselves, the subtitler must also have the steady hand of a surgeon and the timing of a percussionist.”

Unless you happen to be born with
all these skills, you need to train yourself in the art and technology of subtitling.

Subemy fills this space, becoming the first academy in India to teach subtitling.